"Shea Birney is a welcome breath that has become a staple in the [St. Augustine] music scene. With maturity of a folk artist and the youthful urgency of a punk rocker he is passionate and talented beyond his years. "- Ward Hughey- Bleeding Tree Entertainment


Sing Out Loud Festival Happening Now! 

Free festival happening all around St. Augustine until 9/23!  I'll be playing Bokeh Bar Gallery 9/8 and hanging out catching some awe inspiring acts the rest of the time.  Get the app.


Sing Out Loud Fest!!! 

Check it out!  The Sing Out Loud Fest app has been released and it is chalked full of all the info you need to be apart of this FREE St. Augustine music fest going on for the next three weekends.  This is an event you are not going to want to miss if you can help it.  Over a hundred performances by local and national acts all over St. Augustine.

You can check out Shea's fest page and get the app here!

Upcoming shows! Click for more info!


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