From the recording The Curtain is Drawn

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His mouth is a kid it does what it does
It never listens and it never shuts up
His mind’s an adult it doesn’t go out
It doesn’t have friends and it doesn’t get help but
He lives in a world full of sugar and cream
Takes his coffee so black that it’s darker than him
Never a word to the woman upstairs
As long as she’s naked he refuses to stare

He refuses to stare, he refuses to stare
But he knows that it’s there
He just refuses the stare of the

Captain or commodore, servant or slave
Claw for the cookie jar and that’s how you’ll get made
Or a Joker / jester, performance our wrong
You danced til the sea left but I bet you’re scared to go
On to the polka dots, onto the priests
On to adults trained to entertain kids
On top of the bloody hand, lies yet another one
On top of your heart is the weight that could make you

So scared to go on, are you scared to go on?
When the curtain is calling
I guess something/one must go on

Would you really want to go?

Well then just go on, I have seen this one before
The right hand is tied to the left hand is tied to those hands you can’t hold anymore
So right on, you’re so convinced there’s so much more
But your body is tied, to your soul or your mind
And your heart that only beats for such a limited time

So search for the wicked light if you don’t want no sleep tonight
Turn on your marathon switch for the lesser ones
Who can’t be amazed if they can’t see the gears, now your only invisible right up to your ears
So shame’s just a concept, so is fear so is love
Take what you want from them leave the rest up to us
We’ll calculate crying, we’ll regulate care
I will band me together and I will solely declare
I don’t care to go on
I refuse to go on
I see the curtain is drawn
And so nothing can go on

On top of your heart is the weight that could squeeze out your love