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  1. Coffee

From the recording The Curtain is Drawn

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I put liquor in my coffee
So that no one knows I’m drinking
Sometimes they catch me laugh and bring one more
I put liquor in my coffee
So that I am always drinking
And cigarettes can only help my cause
Cause it’s the cause of the free people
To destroy themselves completely
In a bright array of colors like the fall
Some would shine so bright in memory
That it’s almost like they’re with me
Sometimes I think it’s better that they’re not

I have buried my friends while there was life inside of them
Now a bell choir from the graveyard sings
Oh we would have never left if you would but let us live
And maybe we could even help, to bring your troubled mind
To peace in time

I put liquor in my coffee
So that I could drink in secret
But I saw you catch me smile and take a sip
I put liquor in your coffee
Cause I thought that that’d be funny
You thought it would be too and there was love

I could take you to bed or something like that
If that is how you feel the story should progress
Or we could lay side by side lit to god without the light
And I would smile at you if you would smile at me
Then I smiled at you but why weren’t you smiling
Because it’s time, yes it’s time, my darling time
Well if it’s your time and it’s my time let’s kill some time

I put liquor in my coffee
Cause I thought that you were joking
When you said that there was a love that never died